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Gardening maintenance and Landscape Gardeners Essex 15/09/15

Garden Maintenance

Landscape gardening experts in Essex for all landscape design and garden maintenance services in Colchester, Braintree, Chelmsford, Felsted and Dunmow.

Over the coming months, the Country View Landscapes Essex Blog for all landscape gardening and garden maintenance services in Essex, will be looking at the most common garden landscaping challenges that our Essex customers encounter, and offering solutions and advice to the landscape gardening challenges that we, as an experienced garden landscape and garden maintenance contractors, have faced over the years.

Small Garden Landscaping in Essex

Today we will be focusing on landscape gardening on a small plot. Despite their size, small gardens can benefit enormously from creative garden landscaping and garden design. Infact, within a small garden plot, you will find that their is nowhere for poorly planned garden landscaping to hide. Small gardens can range from quaint cottage style design to a much more modern minimalist look.

Planting Techniques with County View Landscape Gardeners Essex

To accommodate a small space an experienced landscape gardener will often use miniature plant species and dwarf specimens and other adapted materials. Landscape gardening design would not incorporate the same garden plan used for a large estate but rather emphasise and embody the daintier dimensions of a small outdoor space. This would also include a colour palette of plants which will thrive in the Essex Garden climate and come into their own at varying times of the year

Landscape Gardening Focal Points for the Essex Garden

Creating a truly outstanding small landscaped garden, we often say to our Essex clients, that the solution is to create a focal point within their landscaped garden. Although the team at Country View Landscapes Essex often design garden landscaping plans, which include many features such as:

  • pergolas for gardens
  • garden decking
  • fencing
  • block paving
  • garden ponds
  • garden water features
  • artificial lawns
  • garden turf
  • garden gates
  • raised garden planters
  • garden walls
  • garden decking

we appreciate that the smaller Essex garden could not possibly include all of these. However, it may be that your garden landscaping plan could include just one or two. A garden pergola, small garden pond or garden water feature would serve as a focal point within your landscape gardening plan.

Landscape Gardening In Inches Not Feet

Small space gardens must think in square inches because fitting all the landscaped garden features you want in that limited area requires a very precise layout. The difference of six inches here or there can determine whether or not you can add a water feature or garden pergola. Two inches may be the deciding factor on whether you can expand your raised planter wall to seat wall width. If a Landscape Gardener you employ, fails to work in such detail, it could mean that you may miss out on valuable opportunities that make the spaces more useful, diverse or attractive.

Country View Landscape Gardeners The Professional Essex Landscape Gardening Team

No matter what your landscape gardening and garden maintenance requirements, talk to Country View Landscapes, our friendly team of Essex Landscape Gardeners are here to help, talking you through your options and working out cost effective ways to make your landscaped garden the place to be.

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